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Welcome to the 3LPlace Transition Curriculum Development Wiki.

While we host this site, it isn't really ours. Here's how it came to be.

3LPlace spent the better part of four years working with an amazing group or writers, editors, researchers, teachers and others to develop our 3LPlace Transition Curriculum. From the beginning, it was a collaborative effort. The team included expert from Harvard, Tufts and Lesley universities as well as from agencies and schools across the Grater Boston area. Their mutual goal was to begin to develop best practices in learning about how to best help individuals with developmental disabilities move from schools into the community, and build satisfying, meaningful adult lives.

The result of this effort was published in 2013 on the 3LPlace website, and made available free of charge to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, teachers, clinicians and related non-profit agencies.

But as mentioned above, the Transition Curriculum was always envisioned as an ongoing collaboration, constantly expanding and changing. That's where this wiki comes in.

This space is here to offer a shared, cooperative commons for the development of ideas, program and curriculum in transition programming for young adults with developmental disabilities. If you wish to become a contributor, please contact us hereand we will add you to our wiki development team and send you a user name and temporary password.

Our greatest hope is that you will own this with us ... help build it, use it, and in the process make it better. We'll be contributing with out own experience as the Transition Curriculum is put into action as the structure for the 3LPlace Life College in Somerville, MA. And we hope that others using the Curriculum (there are nearly 300 registered users as of July 2014) will add insight from their own experiences.

Quoting from the SAS Wiki: "What makes a Wiki so powerful is that not only can other community members read the articles, but they have the ability to edit and contribute to the articles. You see, articles are not owned by individual members. Articles belong to the entire community and everyone in the community can modify them equally.

"Over time, the articles are refined and become a reflection of the collective wisdom and the shared experiences of the entire community. As the number of articles grows, the more useful a Wiki becomes. The more useful a Wiki becomes, the more people will come to the Wiki to find information. The more people that come to the wiki to find information, the more people will find articles to which they can contribute..."

Life Skills

This wiki welcomes constructive criticism and feedback on anything in the 3LPlace Transition Curriculum. In addition, with a goal of growing the Curriculum, we're seeding some thoughts here in the area of Life Skills, the sort of things that are important to know about independent living.

The independent Life Skills content includes information and references in a variety of areas.


Doctors and First Aid

Eating Out

Electronic and Communication Devices


Household Management


Interfacing with Law Enforcement


Money Management

Navigating Public Places - What to Expect

Personal Life Choices

Physical Health

Problem Solving




Stress Management

Time Management


Using Comminity Services & Resources

Getting started