Cyrus Dallin worksheet

Cyrus Dallin Lesson Plan Worksheet


                                                was born in the “Wild West” frontier of Utah in 1861.

As a boy, he learned                                       , shooting with a bow and arrow, from Native American kids who were part of the Crow Tribe. When he was 19, he took a long train ride to Boston so that he could study to be a .

A sculptor is an artist that makes sculptures. Most of his sculptures were made with                                       and then covered with plaster and bronze. He is most famous for his sculptures of Native Americans. We have seen his sculpture of the “Indian Hunter” next to the Robbins Library in Arlington. His most famous sculpture is called                                        . It is in front of the Museum of Fine Arts and shows a Native American man on horseback with his arms out wide as he prays.

When Cyrus Dallin was 42 he won a bronze medal in archery for the USA in the 1904 Olympics. He died at his home in Arlington in 1944 when he was 82 years old.


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