DaVinci Lesson Plan Story

Leonardo Da Vinci:
The man who wanted to know everything.

Leonardo was born in Vinci, Italy almost 600 years ago in 1452.  He was a true genius and one of the greatest artists that ever lived. He was interested in learning everything that could possibly be learned about the universe.

He studied the world around him and always drew what he observed in his notebooks. These notebooks still exist and they are some of the most priceless art in the world. It is priceless because it is too valuable to have a price.

His painting called Mona Lisa,  shows a woman with mysterious eyes and a beautiful smile. It is the most famous painting ever made!

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Leonardo Da Vinci lived at a time called “The Renaissance.” This was a time where people in Italy cared a lot about art, learning, and science. Leonardo Da Vinci was an expert in all of these things. We call him a Renaissance Man because he was interested in everything and an expert at creating many different kinds of art.


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