Identification Activity Lesson Plan

Identification Activity Lesson Plan

Created by:  Rachel Steinberg, 3LPlace, October 2017

Applies to: Self-Awareness. Life Skills, Awareness Development and Executive Function

Purpose:  Open a dialogue around concrete facts of identity formation
Objectives:  Members will learn the concept of identity as pertaining to objective identification facts,
such as name, age, height. Members will start to develop an awareness of ways to describe

Materials needed:

  • Worksheets (see attached below)
  • Members’ wallets and ID cards, library cards etc (anything that has their name on it)
  • Pens and Pencils, appropriate learning supports

Activity Steps:

  1. Facilitate and follow along with the worksheet, answer step one.
  2. After step one, ask members to take out their wallet and put it on the table. Have them take everything out of their wallet and go around and say what they have. You may choose to do this systematically (i.e. ‘everyone hold up their T-Pass. Now put that away. Everyone hold up their money. Now put that away)
  3. Ask members to separate everything with their name on it. Put everything else away. Assert that things that have their name on it identify someone. They are ID’s.
  4. Answer the worksheet questions about ID’s
  5. If member does not have an ID, follow worksheet 2 (attatched) to make them one


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