Lexington Battle Green Lesson Plan

Lexington Battle Green Lesson Plan

Created by Michael Bowman, 3LPlace, 2017


Applies To: Understanding and Participating in Community, Critical Thinking, Life Skills

Objective: Members will better understand the birth of the United States by exploring the spot where the first shot was fired in the American Revolution. We will further explore the geography of Lexington Green by viewing it in relation to Wilson’s Farm, a favorite place of 3LPlace members, on Google Earth and Google Maps, and in the process also develop and practice navigation life skills.

Materials needed:

Activity Steps

  1. Refresh that before the American Revolutionary War, the USA did not exist. Massachusetts was an English colony and the English king was in charge of everything. The Revolutionary War began the moment that either a Massachusetts Minuteman or a British Redcoat fired the “Shot Heard Round the World” and began the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first armed conflict of the American Revolution.
  2. Watch three-minute reenactment video
  3. Watch Liberty Kids “Shot Heard Round the World”
  4. Do worksheets / coloring sheets at table
  5. Look at Wilson’s Farm in relation to Lexington Green on Google Earth and Maps.
  6. Travel to Wilson’s Farm
  7. Travel to Lexington Green to see Minuteman statue and historical markers.
  8. Make “Vanilla Vocab” cards related to our key vocabulary words.
  9. Discuss questions:

             “What in your life is so important that you would fight for it?”

             “Which side do you think probably fired first?”


Carrying the Concept Forward

This will help lay the foundation for our continued exploration of local history, and themes of government, human rights, political engagement, freedom of speech, and the policies, laws and institutions of American government.


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