Open Studio Lesson Plan

Open Studio Lesson Plan

Created by Meghan Montgomery, 3LPlace, February 2017

Applies to: Creative Expression

Purpose: To understand the concept of open studio—a safe space where people can be creative based on their interests, with self-direction or instructional direction, or somewhere in between


  • To understand the meaning behind open studio
  • To choose an art form that members appreciate
  • Discuss reasoning as to why members prefer specific mediums over others
  • Differentiate mediums (art forms) from media (art materials)

Materials needed:

 Activity Steps 

  1. To learn more about the meaning behind open studio and how to choose the medium members wish to work in as well as the media (wet and dry) they wish to work with (referencing dimension, for example, clay)
  2. Reflect on how members wish to create imagery, following worksheet examples (ex. Imagination/self-directed, borrowing imagery, doodle drawings, etc., generating 1-3 ideas to choose from
  3. Members will begin creating their image in their medium of choice with media that feels sensory supportive or potentially stretching their sensory limits, followed by sharing if willing with the group
  4. At the end of the activity, take 5 minutes to reflect with each member of the group while in the group. Check in to see if they can share one word about their experience and/or one gesture (ex. thumbs up, happy face, etc.). If members are comfortable encourage them to also hold up their art to share.


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