Thinking of Myself with Others Lesson Plan 5 Thought Bubble Thoughts

Thinking of Myself with Others Lesson 5: Thought Bubble Thoughts Lesson Plan

Created by: Michael Bowman, 3LPlace, 2017

Applies to:  Social Awareness, Relationships, Work and Career

Purpose:  Continue Social Awareness Lessons


Provide a functional common vocabulary for describing and investigating the hidden interpersonal rules that function when we are in groups, in the community, or working at a job. When is it good to say a thought out loud, and when could it hurt someone’s feelings or cause embarrassment.

Materials needed:

  • Worksheet (attached)
  • Pens and Pencils
  • iPad and Smartboard or Projector

Activity Steps:

  1. Review Lesson 1 “Brain In”, Lesson 2 “Brain Out”, Lesson 3 “Bringing Your Brain Back In”, and lesson 4  “Following the Group Plan”
  2. Read through Lesson 5 “Thought Bubble Thoughts” (attached) 2 times
  3. Role play what “Thought Bubble Thoughts” looks like
  4. Watch youtube clips of real people or characters who are keeping unkind or impolite thoughts in their thought bubbles
  5. Read Lesson 5 “Thought Bubble Thoughts” a third time
  6. Group Discussion: Why do we keep some kinds of thoughts in our Thought Bubble instead of saying them out loud? What happens when everyone says all of their thought bubble thoughts out loud?



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