questions, bugs, to be resolved

find worksheets for My Work Profile 4.

Duplicate pages of lesson plan found in editing queue (“Boston Society of Arts and Crafts” + “Society of Arts and Crafts”) - how to deal with them?


When searching for a phrase, is there a way to make it so it includes part of the phrase? Example, when searching for “penguin”, the page with the phrase “penguins” does not show up.


X Figure out page reordering setting/bug, whatever it is

What is the mechanism for feedback?  Now and long-term?

related: define the various levels of participation and access for admins/registered users (contributors) and anoymous

Are 3LPlace staff permissions different from other registered users?

Can we make different parts of the wiki available for engagement to different groups of users?



Steph suggestions:

subpages within categories for better expandability and organization

add search tags to pages

Include an educator page (for templates, references, resources, etc.)

Make a page for a set of rules on creating new pages (i.e. no member/person specific information included, naming files)

Require that, if there is a YouTube video link, to include the title of the video so if the video is taken down, a replacement link can be found by editors or general audience.


How does that differ, or not, for various parts of the wiki? (I.e., the 3LPC main body versus the ancillary materials like lesson plans and social stories?)

XHow do we release 3LPlace from liability?  Does that apply to individual authors as well?

What sort of metrics are available for the various levels of user?

X Replace Work and Career images with Creative Commons on My Work Profile 3 Worksheet

Make sure that all the lesson plans are in both places (by topic and under the Lesson Plan tab)

Add page for partners/collaborators with links to their programs and ann About 3LPlace page as well

Staff training tool for use of Likert scale for the Quick Start?

Add general note about News2U: Some lessons make use of the “NewstoU”subscription curriculum platform, which we have found both useful and affordable.  3LPlace is not affiliated with NewstoU.                           


From Baton Route:  Money management

  • Budgeting
  • tracking expenses
  • how to think about ongoing expenses
  • grocery shopping, what you NEED as opposed to what you WANT
  • impulsivity
  • checking change in the store, money safety

Interacting with police, community safety, how to communicate about your disability

Visit to doctor, meds, med management, self-care around health and self-advocacy around physicial health

Role play scenarios for the above

Computer literacy and safety, social media, phishing scams


Asked questions awaiting answers and changes regarding Lesson plans:

  • Asked MB about Dallin quiz, is it ours or otherwise needs sourcing?
  • Asked about Cool Down Protocol, what/where is it and can we include it?

Jill Curry:  Add a note on the QuickStart about staff versus participant use etc.

Jan Hollenbeck: Add :How to Use this wiki” page at the top of the nav menu

develop (quickly!) a summary sheet for Workk and Career, so the individual has a takeaway

change QuickStart to Assessment TOol

In MWP, like Emotions at work, be clear that you use the worksheet and summary sheet together

make it clearer on the homepage, or somewhere, how to print

can we post templates for lesson plans and social scripts?

be clear that it’s a sae, closed community

Can we customize the “Create” button to allow people to have a drop-down menu offering templates based on the type of page they want to create?



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