3LPlace Values Social Script

3LPlace Values and Rules

Applies to: Understanding and Participating in Community, Relationships, Self-Awareness

3LPlace Values

  • Positivity rocks.
  • Be the boss of your own brain and body.
  • Let everyone else be the boss of their own brain and body.
  • No touching others bodies without permission.
  • We respect other people’s belongings.
  • We respect other people’s personal space
  • When our brain is “out” we try our best to bring our brain back “In”.
  • When we make a mistake, we try to fix the problem.
  • We always do enough and even try to do a little bit more.
  • We always persevere.


3L Place Rules

  • Phones and iPads are always off at the table and during group work
  • The remote control belongs to everybody--we always share the remote.
  • No using stove when staff is not there.
  • No letting people in the door if staff is not here.
  • Nothing is ever thrown in anger.
  • We only sit on chairs or the floor.
  • All meal and snacks consumed at the table.


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