African Art Exhibit Lesson Plan

African Art at the MFA

Created by Michael Bowman

Applies to: Understanding and Participating in Society, Creative Expression

Objective: Members will continue their exploration of African Art and culture through exploration of the African Art Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Explore various forms of traditional African Art.

Materials needed:

  • Worksheets
  • Pencils / markers
  • “MFA: African Exhibit” Social Story
  • Member binder with previous lessons on Leonardo Da Vinci and Cyrus Dallin
  • iPhones or iPads for photography
  • Van or Charlie Card
  • MFA membership card (admits three for free)
  • MFA discount passes from local library

Activity Steps

  1. Refresh previous art-related lessons on Leonardo Da Vinci and Cyrus Dallin
  2. Discuss “Why are Art Museums awesome?”
  3. Worksheets: Read MFA Social Story and do fill-in-the blanks worksheet
  4. If time permits, color masks 
  5. Watch the trailer to Dr. Ajume Wingo’s film “Kumbo Kola”  (password: kumbo).
  6. Go to museum/photograph
  7.  Return to 3LPlace and discuss!

Carrying the Concept Forward

This is the first of many art museum trips we will take this spring and summer. It will enable us to gauge member interests related to which exhibits to visit next.


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