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Assessing readiness and progress

Any work on any of the modules contained in the 3LPlace Curriculum begins with a solid assessment of the individual, particularly with regard to their language, critical thinking, self-awareness and regulatory ability.

The most effective teaching approach – i.e., how you will deliver the material – will be determined by this information. Your assessment will inform your decisions about the rate of delivery, complexity and volume of the material you will cover, as well as your expectations for any given session, how you judge progress and outcome, and the next steps for the individual.

Regardless of the content, this assessment is necessary for staff to begin to build a rapport, to identify a shared language, to set the climate and establish joint goals and expectations for the work. This is as critical to success in teaching money math or using public transportation as it is to exploring career possibilities and family dynamics.

Further, it’s important to recognize that the individual with whom you are working is likely to engage at different levels as you move from one part of the Curriculum to another. So the assessment that you do regarding their ability to engage on creative expression will be different from what they bring to the table as you explore potential workplaces, or peer relationships.

We’d encourage you to draw from the information gathered during intake and the Discovery phases as you think about this assessment.

The 3LPlace Assessment Tool (link here and below) will also provide a baseline and ongoing structure for your team discussions and supervision.  It will also provide a framework for ongoing discussions with the individual, and their family, where that’s appropriate.

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