Conflict Resolution Lesson Plan

Conflict Resolution Lesson Plan

Created by Meghan Montgomery of  3LPlace, December 2016


Applies to: Relationships, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Critical Thinking, U&P

Purpose:  Discover a deeper awareness of conflict and conflictual situations


  • Process and reflect via multiple modalities
  • Practice improved self-advocacy
  • Increase self-awareness in conflictual situations to support better self-regulation

Materials needed:

  • iPad/Apple TV/Computer
  • Interactive White Board
  • App: Assistive Express
  • Paper and art supplies for illustrations
  • A sense of bravery


Activity Steps

1. Ask members to recall the recent conflictual experience with a peer on Friday and ask them to illustrate their memories (on paper, on photoshop, etc.)

2. Watch the following clips:

3. Watch the following Sesame Street or similarly light video of the meaning of conflict:


4. Watch the following animated and nonverbal video about conflict management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnB3MpUfv_k

5. Watch the following Dr. Seuss The Zax


6. Reflect via speaking/discussing, via facilitated communication surrounding feelings of

  • Safety
  • Fears and worries as they pertain to future outings with Jovian
  • A reminder that this peer will not be attending community outings for this week
  • Lastly, what do you want this peer to know the most?


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