Creative Expression

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The pursuit of creative expression is synonymous with the pursuit of joy and the celebration of diversity.  But for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, it is far more than that.  An individual’s creativity can pave the path toward a life with meaning and purpose.  It can lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, hobbies, and for fulfilling work experiences.  It can make the difference between connection and isolation. For this reason, creative expression is an essential element of every module and a central characteristic of this transition curriculum.

When we talk about “creative expression” here, we are talking about a:

  • Form of communication, an avenue of self-expression
  • Pathway to social participation
  • Means to develop relationships with others
  • Representation of one’s emotional experience
  • Way to uncover new interests, passions, and hobbies
  • Guide to short- and long-term educational planning
  • A rich source for awakening, developing, and pursuing meaningful work and career opportunities

Whether expressed through movement, drama, visual arts, music, cooking, or technology, creativity is a way for individuals to connect to one another. It is a way for each individual to find his or her own voice despite personal barriers, language difficulties, or social challenges.

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