Cyrus Dallin Museum Lesson Plan

Trip to Cyrus Dallin Museum in Arlington, MA

Created by Michael Bowman, July 2017

Note: While this lesson plan was written for a specific activity at a specific museum, it can easily be adapted to different artists, museums and locales.


Applies To: Creative Expression

Purpose: We will learn about local sculptor Cyrus Dallin as a springboard and inspiration for making our own sculptures.


  • Learn background on Dallin and his work.
  • Photograph his sculptures.
  • Make our own sculptures.

Materials needed:

Activity Steps:

  • Look at photos of his work.
  • Do worksheets.
  • Photograph our favorite sculptures at the Cyrus Dallin Museum, and nearby outdoor sculptures.
  • Practice five related “Vanilla Vocab” words.
  • Make our own sculptures using Model Magic clay.

Carrying the Concept Forward


Additional Notes (New England):

Our familiarity with Dallin’s work will enrich our future visits to the Museum of Fine Arts (Dallin’s “Appeal to the Great Spirit” is out front) and the North End (Dallin’s “Paul Revere” is in the pedestrian mall next to the Old North Church).



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