Fiction vs. Non-Fiction Lesson Plan

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Created by Meghan Montgomery of 3LPlace, Inc,, February 2017

Applies to: Critical Thinking, Creative Expression

Purpose: To better understand the difference between fiction (imagination) and non-fiction (fact)


  • To comprehend fiction/non-fiction with high interest book examples
  • To look at signage in the library pointing out fiction/non-fiction
  • To generalize the concept to other literary genres (example: audio books, films, etc.)
  • To establish a preference of genre with reasons to back it up
  • To establish some topics that might pertain to preferences
  • To establish some topics that might pertain to less preferred genre
  • To refresh basic book concepts: author, illustrator, title, etc.

Materials needed:

Activity Steps

  1. Go over social story describing fiction and non-fiction—sharing the read aloud, followed by completing the appropriate fiction/non-fiction worksheets
  2. Encourage members to decide which genre they prefer—encouraging gradation discussions (example: Sometimes I like fiction because….And other times I like non-fiction because…). 
  3.  Encourage members to generate topics, followed by titles of books they may be interested in based on their responses


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