Just Give Lesson Plan

Just Give

Created by Meghan Montgomery, December 2016


Applies to: Understanding and Participating in Society, Relationships, Critical Thinking, Creative Expression

Objectives: To ‘give back’ and/or ‘pay it forward’ by donating much needed money and/or supplies to one of Boston’s local charities/organizations (in this case, members chose: Boston’s MSPCA Animal Shelter at Angell Memorial Hospital)

Materials needed:

  • Just Give worksheets
  • Interactive whiteboard and iPad
  • YouTube links (embedded in Just Give worksheets)
  • Art supplies
  • Paper
  • A scribe for brainstorming
  • Wallets
  • Websites for local charity/organization
  • Access to local supply stores

Activity Steps

1.  Learn more about two local organizations/charities to support around the holiday season or any time of year after watching both videos and engaging in group dialogue    

2.  Vote on which of the two charities members would like to support, followed by refreshing the video of the place members chose

3.  Create the ‘Just Give’ jar as a group—Use any creative materials members like—There is no right or wrong!

4.  Choose three dates on the calendar—1) The date of the first ‘just give’ 2) The date of the second ‘just give’ 3) The date when members and staff will go to the organization/charity to ‘just give’ what we’ve saved and want to share.

  • This part of the lesson plan offers members a range of amounts they might want to ‘Just Give’. Encouraging members to bring their wallets to the group is most helpful during the giving.

5. Staff will check in with organization/charity over the phone to get a sense of what they need donated in addition to money. Members will count the total amount donated over the two dates and will decide 1) how much they want to give as a cash donation, and 2) What amount of money they want to set aside to buy supplies. After members negotiate this, we will visit the necessary store with shopping list/s en route to our final ‘Just Give’ organization.

6. Members also will illustrate a group card of their connection to the charity/organization to accompany all donations

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