Map Reading: Google Maps Trip Lesson Plan

Map Reading: Google Maps Trip Lesson Plan

Created by: Created by Rachel Steinberg, 3LPlace, September 2017

Applies to:  Life Skills, ADEF, Understanding and Participating in Community

Purpose:  To practice map literacy in conjunction with other map reading lessons
Objectives: Students can read and place themselves on a map. Students can learn
about how far they are from another part of the country.

Materials needed:

  • Worksheets (see attachment below)
  • Smartboard or projector
  • Computer

Activity Steps:

  1. Follow the worksheet. Please note: there are other lessons that include direction and compass reading that may be helpful to tackle if students are still learning directions.
  2. Once the first 2 pages of the worksheet are finished, open Google maps on a smart board or projector
  3. ‘Travel’ to the states your students chose and answer the questions on page three either separately or as a group.

Additional notes: If your students have interests in other parts of the world, you may
consider taking trips to those places as well. One of my students had just been to Spain,
and so we traveled to Spain via google maps. If you use the ‘directions’ function, you
can see a path from your location to their location of choice.


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