Marathon Monday: Boston Marathon Lesson Plan

Marathon Monday: Boston Marathon Lesson Plan

Created by Meghan Montgomery, 3LPlace, April 2017


Applies to: Understanding and Participating in Community, Life Skills, Relationships


  • To attend Boston’s Marathon on Monday 4/17/17 the 121st Marathon
  • To learn more about this historical marathon
  • To learn/share if we know people that are running
  • To learn about a famous special family and their marathon journeys
  • Discuss fitness and whether we have interest in running, and/or running a marathon of any length
  • To talk about team spirit and the power of collective encouragement and support
  • Vote on whether members want to attend the Boston Marathon and why or why not

Materials needed:

  • Ipad and Interactive White Board
  • Photo slide show of the Boston Marathon over the years
  • Worksheets (attached)
  • YouTube video:  ”Team Hoyt”
  • Pens/Pencils/Art supplies

Activity Steps

  1. Introduce Boston Marathon Social Story followed by asking about members interest in attending, whether or not they know anyone who is running, followed by asking members interest in running (short or long distances)
  2. Learn about a special family, Dick and Rick Hoyt, by watching this video followed by discussing impressions.
  3. Discuss whether or not members would like to go and cheer on Boston Marathon runners, either this year and/or next year!
  4. Elaborate:
  • Where might you stand (near or far from the finish line, relativity to crowds)?
  • Who might you cheer (anyone running you know)?
  • What is a marathon about (look at signs)?
  • Why do people of all backgrounds, races, and abilities want to run?
  • When (repeated from #1) might you want to try a marathon (of any length and any sport)?


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