New Balance Lesson Plan

New Balance Sneakers

Created by Meghan Montgomery, 3L Place, May 2018

Applies to: ADEF/Life Skills, Critical Thinking

Purpose: To learn about the New Balance company and the components of getting a good fitting and comfortable shoes.


  • To learn about a globally-famous, local (to the Boston, MA area) shoe company’s history
  • To teach language around shoe comfort and support, or “goodness of fit”
  • To discern whether or not members need new sneakers
  • To design your own New Balance sneaker - with name and model #

Materials needed:

  • Story and worksheets (attached)
  • Pencils, pens, etc.
  • Art supplies for “Design your own New Balance sneaker”

Activity Steps:

  1. Read the attached story on New Balance and discuss.
  2. Fill out the attached worksheets.
  3. Design your own shoe - Choose the colors that you’d love if you were to find your dream pair of New Balance sneakers
  4. Discuss about the importance of getting new shoes, and how getting new shoes might initially feel uncomfortable, but that was probably how you felt initially when you first got your current shoes and you’ll get used to it.

*This lesson plan was designed to prepare members for travelling to the New Balance Factory store to try and get comfortable sneakers/shoes

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