Personalized Gym Template

Personalized Gym Template

Created by Rachel Steinberg, June 2018

Applies to: Life Skills, ADEF


  • To guide students in creating their own unique workout based on a generalized template.
  • To assist students in understanding how to rate how their body feels after the workout in many different categories.


  • Creating a comprehensive workout by following along a blank visual template
  • Increasing self-awareness and understanding how their own bodies feel after a workout by following along a visual template

Materials needed:

  • Visual template (see attached)
  • Clipboard
  • Pen
  • Timer
  • Gym

Activity Steps:

  1. Print out one visual template for each student and glue their picture onto the box on page 1. 
  2. Sit down with students and look through the packet. Brainstorm out loud what types of machines they may choose for each exercise.
  3. Put templates on clipboard and attach the pen.
  4. At the gym, follow the template to complete the full workout. As written, have student assess whether they thought the exercise was “easy”, “medium”, or “hard”
  5. After the workout, fill out the survey on the last page.
  6. Keep these templates in a folder or binder. One can go back whenever and find exercises to do and track progress from the survey at the end of the template. 
  7. Keep speaking about these templates. Have group conversations after the workout about what students enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy, or found easy or hard. Ask students to raise their hand if they sweat really hard, got out of breath, etc.
  8. Consider changing the “challenge” on the second to last page after each workout.

Other Considerations

This workout may be more effective once a full introduction to the gym and its uses is led. Whenever possible, 1:1 staff to member ratio works best for this activity, until the member is confident enough in the gym to pursue it alone.

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