President’s Day: George Washington

President’s Day: George Washington

Created by Michael Bowman

Applies to: Understanding and Participating in Community

Purpose: Members will learn about George Washington in order to celebrate President’s Day and to provide context for better understanding the current President and his four-year term leading to the next election


  • Contextualize the President’s Day holiday
  • Refresh knowledge about the office of the President and that, as of January 2017, there are forty-five men who have held that position.
  • Learn about President Washington and why he is still important today.
  • Travel to the George Washington statue in the Boston Public Gardens to take a group photo of our members with the first President

Materials needed:

Activity Steps

  1. Watch 44 Presidents Rap and Disney Washington Game Show
  2. Do Worksheets / Coloring sheets at table
  3. Watch Liberty Kids “Washington Takes Command”
  4. Travel to George Washington statue for Group Photo.

This enriches our continued exploration of local Revolutionary War history, and themes of government, political engagement, and the policies, laws and institutions of American government. It also frames Washington’ legacy related to the US Constitution and the creation of Presidential Term Limits.


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