Putting Groceries Away Lesson Plan

Putting Groceries Away

Created by: Rachel Steinberg, 3LPlace, June 2017

Applies to:  Life Skills

Purpose:  Put groceries away in their proper place, label foods for the week
Objectives: Improving higher order thinking and basic organization (knowing what to do with something you are holding, matching labels to foods)

Materials needed:

  • Food from the grocery store
  • Labels on cabinets
  • Weekly menu
  • Foods from weekly menu (optional)
  • 5 labels or post-it notes (optional)

Activity Steps:

  1. Go through the grocery bags one by one. Put each item on the counter.
  2. Ask the member to examine each food. Use all senses, ask them to feel the food, and smell it, etc. (although don’t ask them to taste it). Have them choose at least one word to describe the food.
  3. Based on this answer, direct the member to put each food away in the correct place (note: it may be helpful to put a snowflake picture on the fridge to indicate ‘cold’, and pictures of specific foods that go in specific cabinets on the surface on each cabinet)
  4. OPTIONAL: if members have weekly menus, have them make five labels, one for each day of the week (ex: Marc Dinner Thursday). Then, sit them down at the table with their menu in front of them, the five labels on one side of them, and one food from each night on the other side. Have them use the menu as a ‘word bank’ of sorts to label the five foods with the correct night that they will be preparing them.


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