The Match Game Lesson Plan

The Match Game

Created by Elana Himmelfarb, June 2017

Applies to:  Work and Career, Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Awareness Development and Executive Function

Purpose: To identify potential internships, work and career avenues based on information gathered in prior work/career activities


  • To identify potential work related opportunities
  • To facilitate understanding of how to use self-knowledge and experience to inform work/career decisions
  • To encourage brainstorming and creativity surrounding work/career
  • To encourage self-reflection of needs, preferences, strengths, challenges and sensitivities
  • To model how to use self-knowledge as a tool in the career development process

Materials needed:

  • Stack of blank, unlined index cards, scotch tape, markers or sharpies
  • Large clean whiteboard, chalkboard, bulletin board or blank wall space
  • Worksheet with activity instructions & Summary sheet
  • iPads (for those who prefer typing/FC)
  • Energy and attention—stretch or movement breaks as needed

Activity Steps:

1. Review prior work/career activities member has done. Identify jobs, tasks, environments, interactions, etc. that stood out as preferences, affinities or strengths. Have list with you during exercise to inform work and refresh member’s memory (see pre-activity worksheet)

2. Pre-make the Concept Cards with visual support (see instructions in Worksheet)

3.  Set Climate – “You have been working so hard on a whole bunch of activities related to work and jobs. You have been thinking about the tasks people do in their jobs, the places they work, the people involved and so much more. We are going to take all of your awesome ideas and experiences and put them together to help us find good matches for you. Since I want your brain to stay active and alert, I am going to need your help to play The Match Game with me – I will do the writing and you will be placing the cards where they belong”

4.  Start looking at jobs and having member evaluate them from a pace, task, social and environmental standpoint. Steps outlined in activity guidelines below. Not intended to be completed in one session.

5. Facilitate drawing conclusions:

  • Jobs that the member wishes to explore further
  • Feedback about pace, environmental, social and task specific preferences


Table of contents:          

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