USS Constitution Lesson Plan

U.S.S. Constitution: “Old Ironsides” Lesson Plan

Created by Michael Bowman, 3LPlace, 2017

Applies to: Understanding and Participating in Community, Life Skills

Purpose:  Members will learn the story of this famous piece of local history as a foundation for our Charlestown field trip to the U.S.S. Constitution Museum.


  • Learn about the history of the U.S.S. Constitution using worksheets, Youtube, and other websites.
  • Travel to U.S.S. Constitution Museum in Charlestown.

Materials needed:

  • Smart Board & iPad
  • Worksheets (attached)
  • Markers & pencils
  • Charlie Cards
  • Museum passes (free from library)

Activity Steps

1. Using iPad and Smartboard, watch:

2. Do worksheets

3. Travel to Charlestown Navy Yard & U.S.S. Constitution Museum

4. Review

Carrying the Concept Forward

This activity re-enforces and informs our growing understanding and appreciation of local history and the vital roles Massachusetts played in the birth of our country.

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