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wiki@3LPlace.orgYou can register here.Dear 3LPlace beta wiki user:

Thanks so much for participating in the early stages of what we think is going to be a really awesome collaborative space for curriculum development. This note talks about the nitty-gritty of beginning to use wiki.3lplace.org.

We’re already using the content in the wiki with our members at 3LPlace!  We’ve put up most of the lesson plans that we’ve used in the past year.  They’re there for you to take, modify for your needs and your own individuals, print, and generally use as you like.

We’d LOVE LOVE LOVE feedback of any kind about the wiki (see below for more about that!).  We have “beta” users like you so we can improve the wiki before it’s more widely launched.  Every new user, of course, exponentially expands the knowledge base for everybody, so we envision thousands of users all over the world, contributing page upon page of readily available free teaching resources!

A few things that folks have already asked:

While our materials are written for educators, clinicians and others working with ID/DD individuals, please feel free to share them directly with your students or clients if you think that’s beneficial. We are big believers in self-direction and empowerment (as you can tell from our website!) and the more that people can be involved directly in their own learning and decision-making the better as far as we are concerned.

Along those same lines, to answer another question that we’ve received, please do go ahead individualize lesson plans as you need to for the person or group you are teaching.  We aren’t offended by that, and in would fact love it if you could share your modifications in our Forum so others can benefit from your experience.

When you register, you will have “Contributor” level access to the wiki, which allows you to create new pages and add material to them.  Pages created by Contributors go into an “edit queue,” where they’re reviewed for where they belong in our structure and appropriateness and then posted by an administrator, often the same day. Your Contributor status also gives you access to the Forum, which you can only see and use when you are signed in. You can register here. 

We’ve already received many great suggestions from our beta crew, including the suggestion that we include a template for lesson plans and social scripts that can be easily copied and used for you to add your contributions. That’s now available on the properties page!

If you have any questions or comments, or encounter any bugs, please call or email me and I will attempt to help you with your dilemma.  This is a work in progress, and your participation in the beta phase will help us make it more user-friendly. Our ultimate goal is to create a platform that you will turn to quickly and easily, offering materials organized in intuitive ways that make finding what you need a joy rather than a chore. We know our 3LPlace staff doesn’t have time to Google search every new skill they want to teach, and we suspect that’s true for you as well.

Thanks so much!

 See you in the Wiki!

June Mallon

for 3LPlace



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