Weekly Meeting Outline

Weekly Meeting Outline

1) This document contains a basic and potentially adaptable or individualized agenda for a team meeting that focuses on members interests, hopes and dreams, concerns or worries, ongoing relevant and social emotional updates and special considerations, learning and community objectives, character trait of the month, and so forth. This meeting can take place in a variety of environments--indoors, outdoors, being mindful of sensory distractions (ex. sun, bugs, traffic, etc.).

2) This document contains a page to print and laminate for individual members to fill out with dry erase markers and erase and re-use weekly. Please feel free to use the back (blank) as a “thinking space”.

3) The last page is a binder cover to hold the meeting minutes and materials, easily accessible for in house or transport.

Adapt this document as needed to cover relevant discussion areas needed at your site

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