Where In the World Do I Live Lesson Plan

Where in the World Do I Live Lesson Plan

Created by Rachel Steinberg of 3LPlace, August 2017

Applies to: Self Awareness, Life Skills, Community

Purpose: Play with perspective, see your physical place in the world from a new point of view, practice your address

Objectives: Members will enter their own address and find their home on Google Maps, members will identify their country, state, town, home, etc. on a map

Materials Needed:

  • A Large Screen
  • Google Maps
  • Computer or tablet
  • Projector

NOTE: This activity should only be pursued if all members in the classroom feel comfortable and safe sharing their home with others. The lesson can be adapted to, instead, practice the address of important sites, such as the address of your program or school, or increasing literacy of street names around your program or school.

Activity Steps:

  1. Have each member come up to the board and write their address on the side of the board.
  2. Open Google maps.
  3. Ask members to first identify America. Then zoom in on America. Then, your state, town, etc. Emphasize the idea that you are going from a really large area of land to a smaller area each time you zoom in. Have each member type in their address. Most addresses have Google Street View, which lets you see their house. Have them ‘show you around’ their neighborhood.
  4. Zoom back out, again, emphasizing the idea of perspective.


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