About Me

What I Want to You to Know About Me

Created by: (Pamela Green, My Choice Programs, Feb 2018)

Applies to:  Self-Awareness, Social Awareness

Purpose:  To have a written reference for support people

  • Let others know about you so they can best support you

Materials needed:

  • Personal Profile template (see attached)
  • Camera/smartphone with camera (if necessary)
  • Current photo of self

Activity Steps:

  1. Take a current picture of yourself and place in the the large circle
  2. Make a list of positive things about you starting with “I am”
  3. Make a list of things you like
  4. Make a list of things you don’t like
  5. Think of what keeps you well and write them down
  6. What have you learned about what support helps you? Write it down
  7. What do you want in your life and future?  Write it down
  8. Once the above information is gathered, it can be transfered onto the attached Personal Profile

Additional Notes: This Personal Profile can be saved as a Word document file onto a computer, so it can be emailed to a support person or be reprinted if the original printed document is lost in real life

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