Adapted Article: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Adapted Article: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Created by Rachel Steinberg, 3L Place, January 2019

Applies to: Work and Career, Understanding and Participating in Society

Purpose: To empower members to hone their own special skills by representing how neurodiverse populations can be assets to a workplace.

Objectives: Members will feel empowered to search for their own unique skills, and will have some new ways to think about Work and Career.

Materials needed:

  • Adapted article (attached below)
  • A screen to show the article

Activity Steps:

  1. Introduce the topic.  Remind members what neurodiversity is, and let them know that today, you will talk to them about how neurodiversity can be a really great skill to have at work.
  2. Read the adapted article with members.  Consider the deliver that will be best for your group.  You could choose to print out a copy of for every member, or display it on a large screen, or both.  Take turns reading the article aloud.
  3. Re-read the article.
  4. Have a group discussion about neurodiversity.  How does neurodiversity help in a job?  How can neurodiversity be hard in a job?  Keep this theme going throughout your teaching of Work and Career.
  5. Re-read the article as many times as is appropriate for members to feel that they have a basic understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace.      

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