Community Meal Lesson Plan

Community Meal

Created by Rachel Steinberg, February 2017


Applies to: Life Skills, Relationships, Social Awareness, Understanding and Participating in Community

Purpose: Collectively prepare a meal to be enjoyed as a community


  • Increase awareness and understanding of meal preparation skills, including cooking and meal prep techniques
  • Increase bodily awareness and ability to work together in a small, shared space with organizing visual supports
  • Practice social skills while eating together (example: committing at the start of meal to staying at the table until dinner is complete)
  • Increase ability to dialogue and self-advocate surrounding preferences and/or aversions regarding food
  • Making and offering food to guests

Materials needed:

  • Food (example: pancake mix, eggs, fruit, bacon, sausage, etc.)
  • Kitchenware/Utensils
  • Timers
  • Sonos/music
  • Visual Supports

Activity Steps
1.  Organizing: From a list, ask members to identify two food tasks each that they will be responsible for preparing (example: making pancakes, cutting the berries, setting the table*)

Consider setting the climate by putting on soothing and organizing music

 *see ‘Setting the Table’ lesson plan  

2.  Executing: Guide the members in their meal prep responsibilities (example: having each member choose a space in the kitchen where they can set up their stations. Aiding by facilitating a conversation on what utensils/kitchenware they need to execute their tasks, and where to find them. Repeating this for the cooking. Using timers as tools. Asking guests to help with tasks.)

3.  Eating: Sit down at the table all together

Make a meal based commitment or two (example: Staying at the table until all members have finished their dinner, and/or rating the meal with verbal or nonverbal strategies, and/or saying a gratitude at the start or end of meal, etc.)

Facilitate conversation*, or sit together in limbic resonance

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