Welcome to the 3LPlace Curriculum Development Wiki.

While we host this site, it really belongs to a much larger community.

Here’s how it came to be.

3LPlace spent the better part of four years working with an amazing group or writers, editors, researchers, teachers and others to develop our 3LPlace Curriculum. From the beginning, it was a collaborative effort. The team included experts from Harvard, Tufts and Lesley universities as well as from agencies and schools across the Greater Boston area. Our mutual goal was to begin to develop best practices in learning about how to best help individuals with developmental disabilities move from schools into the community, and to support them as they build satisfying, meaningful adult lives and across the lifespan.

The result of this effort is published on the 3LPlace website, and is available free of charge to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, teachers, clinicians and related non-profit agencies.

But as mentioned above, the Curriculum was always envisioned as an ongoing collaboration, constantly expanding and changing. That’s where this wiki comes in.

This space is here to offer a shared, cooperative commons for the development of ideas, program and curriculum in programming for adults with developmental disabilities. If you wish to become a contributor, please contact us here and we will add you to our wiki development team and send you a user name and temporary password. You should change the password to something secure as soon as possible.

The menu to the left of the page will navigate you to pages that will introduce you to the skills development sections of the 3LPlace curriculum, provide a link to the full text of those sections, and also provide other teaching materials, such as lesson plans and social stories. You can find the full text of the curriculum here.

Our greatest hope is that you will own this with us ... help build it, use it, and in the process make it better. More than anything this is a work in progress. Some of the material you find here may perfectly suit a particular individual.  Other materials might be downloaded and modified to suit your needs.  We’ll be contributing with our own experience as the Curriculum is put into action at 3LPlace in Somerville, Massachusetts. And we hope that others using the Curriculum will add insight from their own experiences.


3LPlace Curriculum Wiki