Making a Deodorant Routine Lesson Plan

Making a Deodorant Routine Lesson Plan

Created by Rachel Steinberg, 3L Place, April 2018

Applies to: Life Skills

Purpose: To understand why hygiene routines are important in the context of activities of daily living.

Objective: To plan, start, and carry out a new routine for putting on deodorant.

Materials needed:

  • Social script (see attached)
  • Money
  • Deodorant

Activity Steps:

NOTE:  This is an example of how to potentially introduce a new hygiene routine into a member’s life through a social script.  Please alter the visual/social script and lesson plan to fit your member’s personal needs.

  1. Sit down with member and read over social script.
  2. Create a plan for buying deodorant at the store.
  3. Implement the routine everyday until the member becomes independent.
  4. If applicable: discuss with member about routines can be altered, and do alter the routine if necessary.


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