Multicultural Paper Mosaic Lesson Plan

Multicultural Paper Mosaics

Created by Meghan Montgomery, 3L Place, January 2019

Applies to: Creative Expression, Understanding and Participating in Community, Critical Thinking

Purpose: To recreate an image of an inspiring place


  • To find images that are visually inspiring
  • To process a presentation on a cultural/multicultural place of meaning, interest, relevance
  • To recognize that may places/pieces equal a whole when put back togetther
  • To challenge visual spatial awareness
  • To celebrate other cultures

Materials needed:

  • 4x6 photographs from a culture of interest, revelance, recent trip, etc.
  • Enlarged 8x10 photographs of 4x6 photographs
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock (8x10)
  • Glue
  • Recycling bin
  • Optional: string and tape to hang the mosaics up and/or together in a line of flags

Activity Steps:

*See attached for examples. Our group explored a doctor’s special work and connection to Haitian culture

  1. Consider asking a guest or member to show a PowerPoint of a place they’ve recently traveled to.
  2. Choose a variety of images from a place of meaning/interest/relevance.
  3. Print 4x6 copies of selected images on cardstock, cutting to size (4x6)
  4. Print the same images enlarged (8x10) on white printer paper
  5. Cut the image’s border off the 8x10
  6. Cut the image into horizontal strips, followed by cutting horizontal strips into vertical squares. ***Cut the pieces to match the members’ attention span. For example, if puzzles aren’t a member’s strength, consider cutting the picture into 6-8 pieces instead of 15-20 pieces. Alternatively, partnering up is a wonderful way to challenge quantity. Team work makes the dream work!
  7. Give each person a 8x10 piece of cardstock - a variety of colors offers choice
  8. Have members explore how they wish to recreate the images, honoring a variety of styles, similar to how people tackle puzzles.
  9. Remind members that they have the 4x6 image in front of them to use as a visual reference.
  10. Once the paper mosaic pieces are all glued down, lift it up to make sure the pieces are securely affixed.
  11. See if members want to put it on any type of background image - patterned, solid, tie-dyed, etc.
  12. See if members are up for putting their art together, creating colorful and image-rich paper mosaic flags. Alternatively, members would be welcome to hang their image independent of the others and/or take their image with them to their home environment
  13. Clean up scraps and then celebrate the group work before the group disperses
  14. Consider playing music that encapsulates the culture that the group is exploring


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