Sensory Play and Exploration

Sensory Play and Exploration

Created by Meghan Montgomery, 3L Place, July 2018

Applies to: Creative Expression, Self-Awareness, Relationships

Goal: Focus on a range of sensory rich activities and experiences to support and deepen physical regulation, neurodiversity, positive mental health, creative expression, reflection, and communication

Setting Up Logistics: Set up 3 sensory stations to maximize the sensory experience and attention span of members involved (see attached visual supports below for examples of ideas and supports that can be included).


  • Encourage members to read visual supports for each station AND/OR read the station supports to the member (see titles below):
    • Water Exploration Station!
    • Sand Exploration Station!
    • Paper Towel Tie Dye Art!
  • Spend time at each station one at a time exploring the range of sensory experiences
  • Encourage members to reflect on their preferential stations, potentially rating each station from favorite to least favorite.
  • Reflect as a group by gesturing, writing down a word or feeling, and/or speaking a word to elaborate on the experience.

Accommodation Suggestions:

  • Sand timers or visual timers to encourage sustained attention at each station if needed.
  • Music playing in the background - for example, 3L Place loves the “Harry Belafonte Dayo” on Pandora.
  • Reuseable dish gloves for individuals who are more sensitive to various textures.
  • Warm water seems more inviting than cold water to our 3L members, however, variations could be alerting if needed.
  • Essential oils are nice to drop in the water if individuals have interest and olfactory preferences.

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